Food Sector

TRAZA is a complete business management system based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV that covers all the business processes of the companies manufacturing, storing and distributing food products.

A key point for successful business management is the need for integration of all business areas ensuring immediate identification and knowledge of the origin of any raw material or finished product. TRAZA covers all business management processes adapted to your needs.


It is an agile, simple and flexible solution, which covers from acquisition of the products and their processing to distribution, all integrated with the financial and accounting management.Our business management system serves to increase food control.

During the production process all food undergoes a long and complex tour.

TRAZA guarantees a proper business processes management in food industry, ensuring a total control of products, integrating the financial management and showing data in real time to optimize decision making.

The track and trace solutions are ideal because they allow to work more easily and effectively, creating a safe and traceable in real time data storage, which generates confidence in the consumer and increases his expectations of the product.

Covered features

  • Full financial management
  • Comprehensive management of purchasing, sales, manufacturing, stocks, inventory
  • Complete food traceability
  • Electronic management of sales orders – EDI
  • Mobility Solutions for sale and presalea
  • Sales Call-Center
  • Web integration with virtual shop as an option
  • Document management, automatic storage of orders, delivery notes, invoices
  • Full Web Analytics Business Intelligence




Control and Security, incident detection.


Automation of business management.


Compliance with European Safety Standard.


All information available in real time.


We have a team with over 10 years experience in the industry, our customers are our guarantee. Share your idea with us and our team will study it and propose you the best solution for your business.

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