Engineering, Manufacturing and Distribution of products and projects desing

FabNAV is a product designed specifically for those companies whose activity is the manufacturing and distribution of any type of material.


It is a product in continuous evolution designed specifically for those companies whose main activity is the manufacture and distribution of any type of material, controlling from the purchase of the raw material until the end of the manufacture and the sale of the material, going through all the phases intermediate of the productive process.

Funcionalidades que cubre

  • TPV
  • Project Management
  • Box check
  • Price negotiation
  • Advanced warehouse management
  • Digital signature
  • Establishment of rates
  • 100% integrated online store
  • Document manager
  • Ability to be in the cloud



General Accounting, Consolidation, Bank Management and Reconciliation, Collection and Payment Management, Cash Flow Forecast, Accounting and Analytical Budgets, Fixed Assets, Currency Management.

Sales and Purchases

Complete management of sales and collections, Multiple delivery addresses, Different automatic methods of billing sales and purchases, Management of all types of documents.


Integrated mobility system, Location configuration, Picking and internal locations, Warehouse management systems, Production material list, Production orders, Management entry orders.

Sales and marketing

Campaign Management, Contact Classification, Business Task Management, Opportunity Management.


Management of machines and work centers. Production Order.

Business Intelligence

Business analysis in real time, Different cost and sales analysis criteria, Analytical budget integration, Support in strategic analysis tools 100% integrated(PowerBi & PowerPivot).

Project Management

Manage projects in a way that achieves the proposed objectives controlling the planning and resources.


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