DYNPACK is a complete business management system based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV that covers all the business processes of companies in the Packaging sector.

One of the key points for any enterprise is the overall control of production through data management on a single tool. Increase dynamism, quickness, security and efficiency in decision making.


It is designed to optimize your comany’s management and increase its productivity . With our solution you can apply a complete management of the entire manufacturing process of wrapping and packaging.

DYNPACK includes all specific modules for your business like management of the warehouse, production, purchases and stock, amalgams, quality controls and inventory control – all this to provide you support in decision making.

Our solution will enable you to run a complete traceability of raw materials and products manufactured throughout the production process.

What benefits does it offer me?

  • Integration of all manufacturing processes of cardboard packaging on one single solution
  • Methodology and specific industrial processes inclusion, such as amalgams calculation, various product versions maintenance and dies management
  • Complete traceability of raw materials and products manufactured throughout the manufacturing process
  • The ease of use thanks to its advanced interfaces, such as amalgams calculation of production and registration panel of production times
  • Production process management quality thanks to quality questionnaire definition customized by the user
  • Graph register of parts adapted to the operator’s needs

Covered functionalities

  • Offer management with products cost control
  • Internal control of changes in product design and versions generation
  • Management of dies and cut templates and association to different products
  • Amalgams calculation for manufacturing optimization according to the received orders
  • Production planning
  • Graph register of the parts adapted to the operator’s needs
  • Register of the quality controls defined for each manufacturing phase
  • Control of the raw material consumed during the productive process
  • Generation the finished products stock palletised with its corresponding labels
  • Work report approval of the operarators for a proper incurred costs allocation
  • Association of the finished product to the generated purchase orders
  • Association of the finished product to the generated sales orders
  • Creation of pre-consignment of the products to the warehouse through the orders selection interface
  • Control of the finished product and raw material through batch codes
  • Control of orders and reception of the raw material. Products traceability by batches
  • Pre-consignment to the warehouse through the use of mobile terminals
  • Quality controls of raw materials



Manage all the activity of your company with a single software program adapted to your needs.


Manage all your processes: production, warehouse, purchase and stock, amalgam, quality, inventory… Overall control of your products.


Copmlete traceability of raw material and products manufactured a lo largo de todo el proceso productivo.


Through data management on a single tool.

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV & CRM Partner and Distributor we work to obtain the maximum performance of our solutions built on these platforms. In CIC we offer you all the needed tools to obtain the highest benefits for your business.

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