Collaborative solutions

Work anywhere, regardless of whether you are working in your office or if you are away from it. You will have at your disposal a set of tools already known and in which you trust

aCICaTech provides a solution that automates these processes so that employees can access from any device, anytime, anywhere.
Collaboration is an essential element, and with our experience and technical knowledge of the tools that help companies adopt systems that allow your workers to share information and collaborate effectively no matter where they are at each moment.

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Office 365

Collaboration and productivity in the cloud: It is a comprehensive solution for all types of companies with which you will always have the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and innovative applications such as Delve, Teams, Planner or Sway.
All company documentation will be accessible and secured in the Microsoft cloud, allowing you to work from anywhere.

Intranet - Microsoft SharePoint

Intranet & Microsoft SharePoint

The collaborative platform is a web solution for teamwork of the resources of your company. Content manager, document manager. Knowledge base, repository of corporate information and many other utilities that make this tool the best element of collaboration. SharePoint is designed for people in the organization to work as a team from anywhere, share information and communicate easily.

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Web & E-commerce

Web solutions focused to facilitate access to new technologies using development tools for the creation of web pages. Integrated with social networks and with easy-to-use content managers. Creation and advice for the implementation of Online Stores, to sell your products through the Internet. Solutions developed with the most used tools.

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Business Intelligence & Power BI

Analysis of business data: Organizations need more and more to support their decisions in tools that provide them with real information and on time. BI provides this information in a clear, structured and coherent way. Dashboards and strategic indicators are increasingly demanded in companies and therefore this tool is absolutely essential in a current company. It allows strategic decisions to be made with precision and reliability.


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