A tailored solution for all types of business ready for online selling of all kinds of products in a quick, easy and economic way adapted for each individual business.

There have been an increased number of peope who with no background have managed to carve out a slice of the Internet because they had good products with good prices or a range of products difficult to find. This is the reason why we recommend to leap to those who are already right “in the street”, for the influence of Internet in sales in the physical store is increasingly evident .

e-Commerce NAV

It is a solution designed for small and medium enterprises with which you can sell quickly and easily online without intermediaries and without having to access Internet to configure your products.

From your own ERP you can configure different features of your online store (product catalog, product categories, shipping costs, discounts and promotions, orders, delivery notes, invoices, etc.).

Due to the great competition and variety of shops, it is essential to differentiate itself in the marketplace Due to the great competition and variety of shops, it is essential differentiate itself in the marketplace providing added value and confidence to visitors.

Our value proposition is something we should be very clear to transmit to our customers and build a brand image. Considering all this, with a very reasonable investment we will achieve a competitive position in the market and our shop will stand out from the competition.


What benefits does it bring?

  • Your shop open 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Costs reduction and increased profitability
  • Personalised customer and market study
  • Without geographical limitations
  • Quick and easy business management
  • Greater relevance and increased brand awareness
  • New partnerships or relationships with other brands
  • Low cost advertising and increased sales

Why to choose e-commerce?


Show your product catalogue with unlimited quantity and variety, manage your stock.


Manage promotions and customer loyalty.


Improve the after-sale service and customer support.


From Dynamics NAV generate your e-commerce activity reports: orders, the best sellers, etc.

Why to choose us?

We have a team with over 10 years experience in the SME and web development sector, tell us your idea and our team will study it and offer you the best solution for your business.
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